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Felicity Chapman

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Felicity Chapman

Wellbeing Therapist


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MBH Mobile Counselling Service

Felicity Chapman

Wellbeing Therapist



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So you're a mum now and everything is finally perfect.  You feel calm and content and in control.  You don't miss your life bc (before children) for one second and you are more sure about who you are than ever before.




Then you are in good company.


Most women are glad that they have become a mum.  Most women love their baby and children to bits. 


But most women find new motherhood and beyond to be one big roller coaster of emotions and thoughts.  This is especially true for women who come to motherhood late in life, or had a career beforehand, or went through IVF.


This site is for you to read what other women, just like you, say about motherhood or parenthood.


You can also find out more about the Counselling Service that I offer if you live in Adelaide and want some extra support.  I take a partnership approach in my therapy work and can help you with stress management.   


I have a special interest in the role that meditation can play to ease stress and believe that any mindfulness exercise should be simple and easy to use - especially for tired and busy mums!  The aim of my practice is to help women take control of their lives and feel better about themselves. You can also see more about this service at www.mbhwellbeing.com .




Felicity Chapman

Wellbeing Therapist

Founder of Mothers Be Heard





















































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